The objective of LAFA is to improve and refine player's skills, encourage sportsmanship, and develop an enjoyment for baseball and softball. LAFA is a volunteer run organization dependent on parent participation for successful operation.

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Important announcement regarding Drafts and Team Rosters
The goal is to have drafts completed and team rosters by April 3rd.  ...
Tryout Location
Hello LAFA Baseball, Sorry for not including the location of baseball...
Baseball tryouts
Hello LAFA Baseball, Tryouts are here.  Below you will find...
2018 Special Needs Baseball
LAFA is excited to announce a baseball program dedicated to special...
2018 Pre-Season Softball Camp
The Lady Lancer Softball team will be hosting a pre-season softball...
2018 LAFA Registration
2018 LAFA Registration Announcement   LAFA is pleased...
Important announcement regarding Drafts and Team Rosters

The goal is to have drafts completed and team rosters by April 3rd.   Please refer back to the website homepage for any updates.   Thank-you

by posted 03/22/2018
Tryout Location

Hello LAFA Baseball,

Sorry for not including the location of baseball tryouts on the previous email.  All tryoutss are being held in the Middleschool gym.  

See you this weekend!


by posted 03/13/2018
Baseball tryouts

Hello LAFA Baseball,

Tryouts are here.  Below you will find times for everyone registered for our baseball leagues ages 9 and older.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to register, grab a shirt and begin to warmup.  Pants are recomended but sneakers (no cleats) and gloves are a must.  We will have helmets and bats for those that need but they are welcome to bring their own.  If you child is un able to make their time slot, they will need to come to another time and wait for a standby spot.  We have 2 standby slots for each timeslot.  If you child does not wish to try out and to just be placed on a team, they do not need to attend tryouts.  If your child would like to be considered for a drafted team they must attend tryouts or email me that they would like to be considered before Friday.  The evaluators will then base their draftablitlity on last years play.  

There is still time to register for the 2018 season, See you at the fields soon,


Double A Tryouts / Saturday March 17th     8's
9:00am Joshua Bartolomew   10:15am Wynn Shovlin   11:45am Nolan Hunt   1:00pm  
9:00am Sean Bazydlo   10:15am Matthew Soucy   11:45am Liam Killelea   1:00pm  
9:00am Jaden Bondra   10:15am Ryan Stewart   11:45am Graham Killelea   1:00pm  
9:00am Brenden Boumel   10:15am John Vincent Tringali 11:45am Tyler Knight   1:00pm  
9:00am Brennen Bradford   10:15am Tommy Varnum   11:45am Matthew Luongo   1:00pm  
9:00am Teige Broadhurst   10:15am Chase Von Pichl   11:45am Griffin Massahos   1:00pm  
9:15am Donovan Chylinski   10:30am Kamron Weeks   12:00am Emmitt Parece-Grogan   1:15pm  
9:15am Owen Crafts   10:30am Joshua Wheeler   12:00am Evan Raymond   1:15pm  
9:15am Colin Crawford   10:30am     12:00am Jeffrey Sakellar   1:15pm  
9:15am Josiah Del Signore   10:30am     12:00am Jameson Seaman   1:15pm  
9:15am William Gingrow   10:30am     12:00am Aiden Soucy   1:15pm  
9:15am Justin Haseltine   10:30am     12:00am Nathan Stanley   1:15pm  
9:30am Drew Igoe   10:45am Braiden Bradbury   12:15am Jaylen Stott   1:30pm  
9:30am Sam Iorio   10:45am Bobby Burgess   12:15am Christopher Sypher   1:30pm  
9:30am Lucas Jackson   10:45am Alexander Chadbourne 12:15am Isaac Tiley   1:30pm  
9:30am Logan Katz   10:45am Brady Charette   12:15am Joshua Twomey   1:30pm  
9:30am Antonio Knight   10:45am Sean Connors   12:15am Alexander Vaccaro   1:30pm  
9:30am Brody Labbe   10:45am Sean Cornett   12:15am Joseph Wagner   1:30pm  
9:45am Tucker Lindquist   11:00am Brody Cray   12:30am Connor Ward   1:45pm  
9:45am Jonathan Macaulay   11:00am Mameru Cronin   12:30am Carter Washington   1:45pm  
9:45am Thomas Myron   11:00am Brady Dodge   12:30am Matthew Wolf   1:45pm  
9:45am Liam Parent   11:00am Gavin Doughty   12:30am     1:45pm  
9:45am Matthew Parisi   11:00am Brendan Fitzgerald   12:30am     1:45pm  
9:45am Ryan Pasternak   11:00am Nathan Fontaine   12:30am     1:45pm  
10:00am Ethan Peterson   11:15am Brady Fuller            
10:00am Gabriel Petkus   11:15am Tristan Giles            
10:00am Collin Philcrantz   11:15am Caden Guthrie            
10:00am Jackson Ronayne   11:15am Nathan Halko            
10:00am Benjamin Sakellar   11:15am Caleb Haseltine            
10:00am Samuel Schreiner   11:15am Declan Hunt            
Majors Tryouts / Sunday March 18th   Babe Ruth Tryouts / Sunday March 18th
9:00am Gianni Augusta   10:45am Austin Abbott   12:45pm Kevin Adie   2:00pm Dominic Willard
9:00am Boden Belanger   10:45am Brandon Adamson   12:45pm Timothy Balletto   2:00pm Justin Dickson
9:00am Devin Boles   10:45am Nathan Ashman   12:45pm Andrew Crafts   2:00pm Matthew Adamson
9:00am Carter Browning   10:45am Owen Barth   12:45pm Brady Cypret   2:00pm Daniel Pratte
9:00am William Buckley   10:45am Sammy Bernardini   12:45pm Grady Daron   2:00pm Evan Gainey
9:00am Owen Casimiro   10:45am Joseph Cafaro   12:45pm Connor Fennell   2:00pm Mitchell Wong
9:15am Joshua Conty   11:00am Matthew Carroll   1:00pm  Donovan Gannon   2:15pm Kyle Rondeau
9:15am Timothy Desmarais   11:00am Mary Croteau   1:00pm  Nicholas Halko   2:15pm Luke Huard
9:15am Luc Gaudet   11:00am Killian Daron   1:00pm  Nathan Kearney   2:15pm Tyler Faucon
9:15am Brady Gillis   11:00am Jacob Defranzo   1:00pm  Geoff Keegan   2:15pm Ryan Gervais
9:15am Cody Gray   11:00am Taylor Dodge   1:00pm  Tim Kennedy   2:15pm Luke Marsh
9:15am Zachary Green   11:00am Lucas Faucon   1:00pm  Ethan Labbe   2:15pm Adam Regan
9:30am Jayden Hamilton   11:15am Drew Fuller   1:15pm Benjamin Martin   2:15pm Owen Cook
9:30am Alex Harrison   11:15am Jax Giles   1:15pm Ashton Meuse   2:30pm Keith Cucinotta
9:30am Logan Hunt   11:15am Drew Heenan   1:15pm Peyton Meuse   2:30pm Dominic Viola
9:30am Jon-Vincent Inglese   11:15am James Howell   1:15pm Ethan Moccia   2:30pm Richard Meighan
9:30am Frank Jarek   11:15am David Huntting   1:15pm Devin Ortiz   2:30pm Giovanni BeBenedictis
9:30am Jet Jones   11:15am Connor Jackson   1:15pm Matthew Palmer   2:30pm Tyler Varnum
9:45am Arie Kaufman   11:30am Landon LaFlamme   1:30pm Zachary Peters   2:30pm Dylan Bernardini
9:45am James Kircaldie   11:30am Alexys Licciardi   1:30pm Sean Radzelovage   2:45pm Paul Balletto
9:45am Riley Maki   11:30am Connor Lovett   1:30pm Aidan Roy   2:45pm Matthew Nutt
9:45am Zachary Mantegari   11:30am Michael Maloney   1:30pm Nathan Seibert   2:45pm Nicklas Yiatras
9:45am Casey Marsh   11:30am Jordan Martel   1:30pm Tyler Soucy   2:45pm Stephen Bompastore
9:45am Nathaniel Marshall   11:30am Tyler Miles   1:30pm Aidan Veverka   2:45pm Nicholas O'Connell
10:00am Brett McKinnon   11:45am Spencer Nelson   1:45pm Dean Wimmer   2:45pm Nolan Lincoln
10:00am Giovanni Nevares   11:45am Colin Parent   1:45pm Connor Yiatras   2:45pm Anthony Santosuosso
10:00am Jack Owens   11:45am Samuel Parisi   1:45pm Nathan Emanuelson      
10:00am Ryan Palmer   11:45am Joshua Soucy   1:45pm Adam Radzelovage      
10:00am Jeff Papillon   11:45am Liam Stott   1:45pm Gavin Campbell      
10:00am Ryan Perry   11:45am Michael Thistle   1:45pm Danny Garrity      
10:15am Jack Smith   12:00am Matthew Traynham            
10:15am Cole Southgate   12:00am              
10:15am Samuel Stansfield   12:00am              
10:15am Ryan Williams   12:00am              
10:15am Jonathan Wilson   12:00am              
10:15am Timothy Yerian   12:00am              

by posted 03/11/2018
2018 Special Needs Baseball

LAFA is excited to announce a baseball program dedicated to special needs athletes!


This spring, LAFA is planning to start a program of short season co-ed baseball teams for special needs children who may not have the opportunity to play sports. Children from Londonderry and all other areas are invited to join our program.  We are targeting ages 6-18.


The season will consist of two Saturday practices (5/5 & 5/12) followed by the BIG game (5/19), in which every team wins. We will provide uniforms for the children, and volunteer buddies will be on hand to help push wheelchairs, run bases, bat, etc. 


Players will have their names announced when they are up to bat, and will bat each inning. Each athlete will score a run before the inning ends, and be safe at the base. 


The registration form includes a questionnaire for information about your child so that we can be informed as to his/her specific needs. We at LAFA look forward to a fun season creating memories for your child, and to making this a yearly event!


We are asking that everyone spread the word to friends and contacts you may have in the area that may not get this message so that we can be sure to attract lots of athletes.


Please register at and let us know if you have any questions!  


You will see a registration for players as well as a separate registration for buddies

by posted 02/16/2018
2018 Pre-Season Softball Camp

The Lady Lancer Softball team will be hosting a pre-season softball camp for all LAFA, Middle School and High School eligible players.  This camp (formerly run by the Londonderry Lightning softball program) will focus on the proper techniques of hitting, fielding, base running and pitching.  In addition, all LAFA softball coaches are welcome to attend, take notes and learn how to run an effective practice as well as some “in game” tactics. The objective of this camp is to prepare the players for the upcoming LAFA and School seasons.

The camp is offered to any player ages 6-17.

The instructors / coaches will include:

  • High School Softball Head Coach Wayne McDougall
  • Londonderry Middle School L & M Head Coaches Brendan Burns & Joppa Frasch
  • Members of the Londonderry Lightning and New England Fusion Coaching Staff
  • Members of the Londonderry High School Softball Teams  

The camp will take place over three (3) consecutive weeks on Sunday mid-afternoons from 3:30pm-5:30pm.  All sessions will take place at the Middle School Gymnasium.

Dates: March 18th, March 25th, April 8th  (No Camp Easter Sunday)

Times:  3:30pm – 5:30pm (check in at 3:00pm)

Location:  Londonderry Middle School Gym

Cost:  $60.00 per player

Registration:  Online (click on the “register online” link on the left side menu.  You can pay via credit card or in person.  (checks made out to the ON DECK CLUB)

All players should bring their own glove, bat and helmet.  Sneakers must be worn, No cleats!

by posted 01/10/2018
2018 LAFA Registration

2018 LAFA Registration Announcement


LAFA is pleased to announce significant updates to our registration process.  Online registration is available to all new and existing LAFA members!  We hope the online registration makes it easier on all LAFA families.  Please let us know if you have any problems along the way.


Baseball & Softball Players

Baseball and Softball registration is available to new and existing players age 5 and up.  Visit our registration page here to find the appropriate program for your children.  Don’t worry about registering multiple children because you can register everyone in your family and make one payment at the end.


Baseball & Softball Coaches

LAFA depends upon the generous support of our baseball and softball coaches.  You don’t need to be an ex-professional or college player to help the kids of Londonderry improve their baseball and softball skills.  LAFA helps volunteers develop their coaching skills with clinics and league directors.  We gratefully appreciate you considering a coaching position.  All interested coaches can register here


Kickball Players

LAFA provides kickball to children 4-5 years old because we want to introduce the kids to the concepts they will learn as they progress through our baseball and softball programs.  Kickball players can register here


Instructions for Existing LAFA Families Adding a New Player

1. Go to and Click Register in upper right corner

2. Select the program you want to register

3. Enter your email address in the Sign-In section

4. Follow the directions to add your new player


Instructions for New Families

1. Go to and Click Register in upper right corner

2. Select the program you want to register

3. Click Create Account and type your email address

4. You will receive an email with a “create password” link.  Once you have created the password, go back to and sign in with your email and password

5. Follow the directions to create a guardian account

6. Follow the directions to create a player account.

7. Now you can register for the programs


In-Person Registration

LAFA will host a one-time in-person registration for anyone that wants assistance with registration.  This is open to new and returning players.  In-Person registration will be on Saturday January 20th 8AM - 12PM at the Middle School Cafeteria.  New registrants must bring a copy of their children’s birth certificates to the registration.


by posted 01/07/2018
Cafe LAFA Hours

Mon-Thurs: 5 PM - 8:15 PM

Friday: 5 PM - 9:15 PM

Saturday: 9 AM - 9 PM

Sunday: Tournaments Only

Cash or Credit

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LAFA is a self-funded organization that provides the youth of Londonderry the opportunity to participate in organized baseball and softball. All equipment, uniforms, field maintenance and improvements are funded by team sponsorships, league registrations, individual donations and revenue from our concession stand

To operate a program of over 600 players requires the participation of everyone.  We greatly appreciate everyone's participation!  Please contact the LAFA if you can contribute time towards improving our league.

Please remember that dogs are not permitted on Londonderry athletic fields while children are present.  We also respectfully request that people refrain from smoking at the LAFA field complex.


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