The objective of LAFA is to improve and refine player's skills, encourage sportsmanship, and develop an enjoyment for baseball and softball. LAFA is a volunteer run organization dependent on parent participation for successful operation.

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Microsoft Word file 2015 Registration Notice

Adobe PDF file 2015 Salem Tournament *

Adobe PDF file 2015 Youngsville Rules *

Microsoft Excel file 2017 A/AA Pitchcount

Microsoft Word file 2017 Sponsor Letter

Microsoft Word file 2017 Sponsor Registration Form

Microsoft Word file 2018 Golf Tourney Sponsor Form

Microsoft Word file 2018 Winter Softball Camp

Microsoft Word file 2019 Sponsor Form

Adobe PDF file 2019 Sponsors Letter *

Adobe PDF file Babe Ruth Consent Form *

Microsoft Word file HS baseball Camp Flyer Front- Flyer for camp

Microsoft Word file LAFA By-Laws

Adobe PDF file League Athletics App Information *

Mobile Phone Calendar Sync Instructions

Media file MonkeySports Coupon

Microsoft Word file MVP Camp- Brochure and sign up for baseball camp

Microsoft Excel file Pitching Log

Microsoft Word file Tournament Announcement Script

Microsoft Word file Tournament warmup schedule

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