The objective of LAFA is to improve and refine player's skills, encourage sportsmanship, and develop an enjoyment for baseball and softball. LAFA is a volunteer run organization dependent on parent participation for successful operation.

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Below you will find information for the 2020 Jr Lancer Baseball teams.



Team Head Coach
10U Dave Daron
11U Tim Broadhurst
12U Neil Washington
13U Brian Belanger




Tryouts are held in early August for the following years team (August 2019 for the spring 2020 team).  We follow the Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken age cutoff, so your childs Jr. Lancer baseball age is their age on May 1st of the League year.  A child that is currently 9 but will turn 10 before May 1st, 2020 would be trying out for the 2020 10U team.

Players must attend one of the tryouts to be eligible.  It is recommended, although not required, that players attend both tryouts.  Players should come dressed with baseball pants, hat and cleats, and bring their glove, and helmet and bat (if they have them).  Coaches may have specific catchers drills, so catchers are advised to bring their gear.


Team First Tryout Second Tryout Location
9U     Hale
10U     Hale
11U     Presidents
12U     Presidents
13U Sunday, July 14th, 6-8 PM Only if needed McDermott




The Jr. Lancers is a cost-effective Londonderry-based baseball program that fields teams from 9U to 13U.  The Jr. Lancers adhere to a Londonderry-first model, where rosters are formed exclusively from Londonderry kids.  Only if there is not enough kids in an age group will we solicit out-of-towners.  The teams play in the very competitive Elite Baseball League (EBL -, which is a Travel Baseball league, so there is some travel required (think southern NH, southeast Maine, and eastern Mass).  Our teams do request as many home games as possible and host them at the LAFA complex.

The Jr Lancer program is meant to supplement the LAFA recreational baseball season, not replace it, allowing kids to play on Rec teams and qualify to play on the LAFA summer All-Star teams.  Practices are during the winter (January - March) and are run by the coaches to work on baseball fundamentals and team strategy.  Teams typically schedule 6-8 Sunday double-headers during April and May, with EBL playoffs in early June.  The 13U schedule is slightly longer going into early July. 



Our program is run by the Londonderry Lancer Dugout Club which is a non-profit and therefore the teams are run at cost.  For more information about the Lancer Dugout Club, go to

For the 9u-12u teams, a typical tuition is between $600 and $800, and varies depending on factors such as :

  1. Number of kids rostered on the team
  2. Total cost of winter workouts (1 or 2 practices per week, field choices, etc)
  3. Participation in a Spring Tournament



    First payment is due by Sept. 30th.

    Second payment is due by Jan. 21st.

    Balance is due by Mar. 21st.


Uniform costs are separate from the tuition, and the required items (jersey, hat, pants, practice t-shirt) run about $90-$100.



The 13u team has higher expenses (more games and thus more game balls, slightly higher ump costs, etc, and therefore the tuition is expected in the $1000 - $1300 range depending on number of kids, games, and tournaments.  The 13U team also has a slightly different payment schedule (4 payments instead of 3).



*New for 2020 - All kids (and parents/guardians) that join a Jr Lancer team will be required to sign an Agreement (not calling it a contract) and also a "Code of Conduct".



In general the Jr Lancer team timeline is as follows:

    August  : Tryouts for the following spring season (in August, 2018 tryout is for the 2019 spring season)

    September - October : Optional fall league (rare) and/or fall practices (both at coaches discretion)

    November - December : Uniform fittings (if needed), online store orders

    January - March : Winter Practices, usually twice per week, Sunday and weeknight. Days/times should stay constant. 

                                  For the past 4-5 years we've been at the NH Sportsplex in Bedford, but that is subject to change.


    April - May : EBL Season consisting of 8 weekends -  6-8 Sunday double-headers, weather permitting.

    June (early) : EBL Playoffs - for teams that don't make the primary playoffs, they typically offer secondary playoffs.


    April - June : EBL Season consisting of 12 weekends -  ~18 Saturday and/or Sunday double-headers, weather permitting.

    July (early) : EBL Playoffs - for teams that don't make the primary playoffs, they typically offer secondary playoffs.



Any more questions about the program please don't hesitate to contact me.



Dave Hamilton

Jr Lancer Program Coordinator